Recommended Reading/Listening

Books in English

Miller R. National Schools of Singing: English, French, German, and Italian Techniques of Singing Revisited. The Scarecrow Press, Inc.; 2nd edition, January 28, 1997.

Benninger M.S., Murry T. The Singer’s Voice. San Diego: Plural Publishing Inc., 2008.

Kaminoff L. Yoga Anatomy. USA: Human Kinetics Publishers; 2007.

Articles in English

Castellengo M. The Human voice and its registers: the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. PAS-Conference October 3-5, 2002

read Castellengo’s article (web link)

Holland R.J. National Schools of Singing and Their Impact on Teaching Vocal Pedagogy and Literature. 17th Annual Convention of the Global Awareness Society International, May 2008, San Francisco, CA, USA

read Holland’s article here (pdf)

Jones D., Lair-Berreby S., Emmanuel J., Stanfill J., Hunt-Nielsen J., Protecting Children’s Voices

read Jones and Al article here (web link)



Livres en Français

Fresnel E. le Trac, trac, stress, anxiété; problème de communication. Marseille : Editions Solal ;1999.

Alain Piron. Techniques Ostéopathiques Appliquées à la Phoniatrie, Tome 1. Lyon: Editions Symétrie ; 2007.

Flem L. La voix des Amants. Editions du Seuil, Octobre 2002,

Articles en Français

“Les Urnes de l’Opéra”, EMI classics, 3CD, 2009