After the Manhattan Opera Studio Young Artists Program, July-August 2014:

I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help this summer! I don’t feel like I properly got to express how much I learned from you and how much I feel like you wisdom, techniques, tips, and tricks helped me in my craft. I think you are wonderful at what you do and am grateful to have worked with you… and hope to see you again soon!
All the best,
Kelli E., New York, NY

I wanted to let you know that our lessons together were my favorite part of the program, and I’m still “chewing” on what we worked on. Like I told you, we singers would sit in the hallway and talk excitedly about each of our new discoveries in our lessons with you, and share your individual pointers for each of us with one another. You made me aware of a part of myself and connection that I have ignored or made a lesser priority, as I was so busy trying to do other things (“right tone, right placement, etc”). But you brought everything together and helped me achieve a sound and sensation that was natural and felt, simply, “right.” Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I am still working on what we talked about, but I know I would certainly love to continue to have an occasional lesson with you and would love to continue our work together!
Thank you again, for everything, I truly enjoyed working with you and I look forward to doing so again in the near future!
All my best,
Jessica, New York, NY

Hi Sophie! I wanted to let you know my recording today went amazingly well… I was so happy to see you yesterday, I was able to apply all of those things in my warm-up and it made a world of difference. I can’t wait to get back to the city and start working with you again! Really truly it was amazingly helpful.
Christine S., Stuart, FL

Just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed our sessions and learning from you. I was so comfortable in your presence and you have helped me discover and unlock new things in my voice and in me as a person. Regarding the program, although I learned a lot overall, I must say you are the reason I found it so beneficial. And if there were anything I could communicate in the evaluation, it would be “Ask Sophie to work with your singers again next year!”

Thank you, also, for your encouraging words that mean the world. You create such an uplifting, positive atmosphere that is much needed for us singers. I do hope to study with you in the future. Will definitely keep in touch!
With endless thanks and sincerest admiration,
Adrienne Collins, Saint-Joseph, MO

About helping singers

Sophie, Thank you again for sharing your expertise and feedback at our lesson on Friday. You are able to name so specifically exactly what needs to be adjusted and communicate it in such a way that it feels easy and accessible to me. I learned so much from you in just one and a half hours, and was able to apply some of the ideas yesterday when I performed at a party. Some habits are hard to break – for example, posture – but you were so clear about how to alter how I hold my head on my spine, that I can begin to watch when I do that. But some things that you addressed, I was able to let go of immediately – no pushing to keep those higher notes in my chest voice. I was able to let my voice be much more free to blend into my head voice yesterday. A friend, who has heard me sing often, said, “Your voice sounds more ‘elastic’ tonight.” You and your talents have helped me to be more loose and to more fully enjoy performing.
Irene W., actor, Brazilian and jazz music, NYC

Sophie, thank you so much, you are truly a blessing. My voice feels so much better and is really opening up.
I started to vocalize with the new found “full voice”, it feels so much better this way! I recorded myself, I sounded crystal clear! I just figured out how strong the diaphragm is!! It takes very little effort to take a full breath!!!
Carlixto M., classical, student, NY

Thank you. I really liked the work we did together.
Paulo S., classical, musical theatre, Brazil, NY

I’ll never forget that you were there for me during my biggest crisis and I am forever grateful.
Marc M., classical, NY

About helping non-singers

…I learned more and faster about the voice in general, and my voice in particular, than I had thought possible. I am teaching in a smallish auditorium without amplification, and the students are hearing without straining. And whether or not they consider this a happy outcome, my colleagues can now hear me in faculty meeting.
As a teacher myself, I have been extremely impressed by the range of your tools, and how you adapt them. If one strategy is difficult for me to appreciate, you approach the same problem from a different angle to achieve the desired result. You couldn’t accomplish this without your obvious, deep understanding of the physiology, but that knowledge isn’t enough. Perspective and imagination are needed as well, and these are rare gifts.
All this, by the way, is written by a person who, at the outset, was skeptical of the entire process. Frankly, I had not believed that I would *ever* reacquire the function that the few visits with you have already produced.
Kind regards,
Claire D., law professor

After the workshop in France, July 2009

Dear Sophie, Thank you so much for all you did.
Life could not have been better. The time in Orignac is unforgettable and life changing.
Meeting you and Damien has been a great gift..
Everything was unexpected and perfect.
I performed ” Harbor” and ” I Got Lost In His Arms” last Tues.
My teacher and friends were amazed at the change in my voice. All they kept saying was how HEALTHY my voice sounded.
There is no way I can ever thank you, Sophie and Damien for the help with technique, tender support and making me become aware of my gifts.
I have felt so much caring, so much determination and positive thinking that I can do it and I did.
Marilyn B., cabaret, musical theatre, NY

I really enjoyed Orignac, all the people there, and you are wonderful to work with–so many great exercises!!
Ronni L., classical, singing teacher, NY

I am listening to the recordings of our lessons, now singing is getting more comfortable for me, and easier.
Maria K., classical, Paris, Moscow